Visa requirements & Information

Please remember to apply for a visa early!

If you need a visa for visiting RADECS 2018 in Sweden, please contact the Swedish embassy of your home country in order to find out about the specific requirements.

RADECS 2018 is prepared to send you a personal letter of invitation if you have registered for the RADECS 2018 conference and paid your conference fee. A confirmed payment of the conference fee is a necessary requirement for the personal letter of invitation. For legal reasons (visa fraud), it is not possible to send you a letter of invitation without a confirmed payment. Please contact after you have registered.

If your Visa is denied, RADECS will refund your conference fee with a 500 SEK handling fee.

Again, No Payment, No Personal Letter of Invitation!

Some helpful websites:

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden:

Specifications for China from the Swedish embassy Beijing:
• VFS Global