Cobham Privacy Notice

The RADECS 2018 conference is organized by Cobham. The Cobham Privacy Notice describes to those individuals that interact with Cobham, either through the website or otherwise, how and why Cobham processes their personal data and what rights they have in relation to their personal data.

Note that the conference subcontracts the following external services which handle personal data and have their policies published on-line:

  • Conference arrangements - Resia Kongress
  • Hotel arrangements - Gothia Towers' Privacy Policy and use of cookies
  • Conference guide application - Guidebook Privacy Policy and GDPR statement
  • Paper submission tool - the RADOCS tool does not perform any processing of the data other than what is needed by the technical committee and the reviewers of the conference (i.e. the submitted abstract itself). No background processing. No commercial use of the data. No mailing other than related to the abstracts submission. Great care has been put on the protection of the users' data, who also have access to all of their stored data.

RADECS 2018 Photography Statement

The RADECS 2018 conference has a strict photography policy.

The RADECS 2018 committee has assigned an official photographer to take photos for internal documentation purposes only and restricted to either opening ceremonies, guest speaker shots or panoramic shots of the receptions, dinner and awards.

Photography and video recording by participants and other attendees during any portion of the conference is not allowed. Photography of any PowerPoint, other slides, posters or data workshop presentations is not allowed.

IEEE Non Discrimination Policy

IEEE is committed to the principle that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, services, and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by IEEE policy and/or applicable laws. More information on the IEEE policy.

IEEE Ethics and Compliance

IEEE strives to achieve the highest standards of integrity and endeavours to conduct business around the world in a responsible and ethical way. It is important that those who act on the organization’s behalf ensure IEEE’s compliance by adhering to the same standards and expectations. The IEEE code of Conduct describes the commitment of IEEE members and staff to the highest standards of integrity, responsible behaviour, and ethical and professional conduct. For more information on IEEE Code of Conduct.

Reports of violations, or concerns regarding potential violations, of IEEE Policies or the IEEE Code of Conduct can be filed anonymously through EthicsPoint at +1 888 359 6323 or by submitting an online report.

IEEE Privacy Policy

Note that the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science submission site is subject to the IEEE Privacy Policy.

Note that IEEE web sites also use cookies.

IEEE and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

IEEE has been carefully reviewing the GDPR.

Information on Plagiarism

Authors should be aware that each manuscript will be checked for plagiarism before publication. If plagiarism is found, the manuscript will automatically be rejected. In addition, each manuscript will be checked to ensure that there is not excessive reuse of an author’s previously published material; the manuscript should contain significant new content beyond anything previously published. If it is determined that there is insufficient new content, the manuscript will be rejected.